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MixMyPart.com offers an online software solution allowing singers and musicians to practice harmonies and parts on their own, anywhere, and always FREE. The multitrack audio mixer provides complete control over all the individual parts so a singer or musician can isolate their part for learning and practice while hearing as much or as little of the other parts as they need. Eventually they can mute their own part to practice performing without hearing their part at all which produces stronger harmony singers and musicians.

Music Directors, Teachers, Choir Directors, you no longer need to prepare multiple fixed recordings for your ensembles, you can record all the parts, export them just once, and then use MixMyPart.com to easily share your media links with your singers and musicians, starting at $10/30 days.

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Mobile Device Support

The audio mixer works on most mobile device browsers with nothing to install so parts really can be learned anywhere and anytime.

Here To Help

We want to help you as much as you need to get things setup and to answer any questions you might have. We understand that you might see how useful our service is but you might feel unsure about how to move forward, well don't worry - email or phone us, or even ask us to phone you, and we'd be happy to talk with you one-on-one about how MixMyPart.com can work for you.


An essential tool in preparation for any show. Valuable time is saved, refining vocals much earlier in the process.

Bob Foster, Music Director

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Launch the demo now to see for yourself just how fun and easy the MixMyPart.com mixer is to use. Easily share your media with others by sending a link in an email or posting the link on your own website. There's nothing to install or fuss with.

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The MixMyPart.com mixer allows you to control the Volume, Mute, and Solo each individual part. You can also Play, Pause, and Skip forwards or backwards with touch controls or keyboard hotkeys. For practicing purposes, you can add and move Loop Points to loop a particular section too.

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There's no cost or signup required for the singers and musicians accessing shared links, they only need the password the poster has set for each media file shared. The "Free-5 for 30 days" provides capacity for 5 multitrack songs for 30 days for FREE, the Standard-10 plan provides capacity for 10 multitrack songs for $30/30 days, and the Add-10 plans provide an additional capacity of 10 multitrack songs for $20/30 days. Multiple Add-10 plans can be added as needed with different expiration dates to suit your needs. ($CAD)

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Posting Media

You will need a third party, multitrack recording software application to create your MP3 recordings, and after exported the individual isolated MP3 files, the Media Creator is used to upload and create the new multitrack songs and adds them to your Media Manager for sharing. Our tutorial videos demonstrate this simple process.

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