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MixMyPart.com offers a brand new, online software solution for music teachers, students, choirs, music directors, publishers and more. With the MixMyPart.com audio mixer, singers and instrumentalists can work on their own time, between group rehearsals, to learn their individual parts and practice with complete control over each vocal and instrumental part. Instead of losing valuable rehearsal time pounding notes and learning harmonies, ensembles will advance quickly past the learning stages and be ready to perform their repertoire much sooner.

Imagine what could be accomplished if choir members could practice on their own time instead of depending on their teacher or director to play their part. With MixMyPart.com, all groups will benefit from the ability to work on their own. Plus, because all the other vocal and instrumental parts are playing at the same time, it's never been easier to practice singing harmonies or playing along with the whole group outside of rehearsals.

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Now working on mobile devices

If you'd like to use MixMyPart.com on your mobile device, that's now possible with the Puffin Browser for iPad, iPhone and Android devices which you can install from here. We don't have any association with Puffin but because MixMyPart.com is built using Flash, the Puffin Browser is currently the only browser that offers full and free Flash support over the cloud. It runs the MixMyPart.com Mixer in the cloud and relays the audio and video to your mobile device. It's not quite as smooth an experience as if you were on a computer but it's pretty good and worth trying.

Help & Support

We want to help you as much as you need to get things setup and to answer any questions you have. We understand that you might see how useful our service is but you might feel unsure about how to move forward, well don't worry - email or phone us, or even ask us to phone you, and we'd be happy to talk with you one-on-one about how MixMyPart.com can work for you.


An essential tool in preparation for any show. Valuable time is saved, refining vocals much earlier in the process.

Bob Foster, Music Director

See For Yourself

Launch the demo now and see for yourself just how fun and easy the MixMyPart.com mixer is to use. Easily share your media with others by sending a link in an email or posting it on your own website. There's nothing to install or fuss with. It's also perfect for publishers as a compliment to their sheet music sales by making their own professional MixMyPart media for sale.

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Control & Features

The MixMyPart software allows you to control the Volume and Pan of each individual part. You can also Play, Pause, and Skip forwards or backwards. For practicing purposes, you can add and move a Marker Point to easily return to the same spot as well as a Loop Point that will continuously repeat the section between both Points so practice has never been easier.

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Once you sign up, you can send media links to whoever you like and it's completely free for those people to use your media. The Standard-10 Plan is FREE for 10 media files of up to 12 tracks each. You can increase this capacity by 10 spots by adding the Add-10 Plans which are also FREE for a limited time. You can have multiple Add-10 Plans running.

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Posting Media

With the MixMyPart Media Creator it's easy to add media to your library for distribution. You will need a third party, multitrack recording software application to create your MP3 media, but once you've got it all recorded and saved as individual audio files, it's a simple process to add it to your MixMyPart.com library. We've posted many tutorial videos to help.

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