Control & Features

As with most media players, the mixer allows you to Play, Pause, Skip ahead and back, but the following extra features are what makes our software solution unique and so helpful for musicians.

Volume Control

Control the volume of each track to clearly hear a part while learning. Then lower that part to practice against all the other parts sounding.

Pan Control

Separate the parts spacially by panning tracks to the left or right to hear things from a different perspective rather than only using the volume control.

Launch Demo
Solo and Mute Buttons

Mute any tracks to prevent them from being heard or Solo any tracks to prevent all other tracks from being heard.

Marker and Loop Points

Place the Marker Point to quickly return there later or place the Loop Point so the section between the two Points will loop, making it easy to practice a passage repeatedly.

How it works

1Using third party, multitrack recording software, you must first create MP3 files of the individual audio parts. They must all play in sync within the recording software and then be exported as MP3 audio files with the exact same running length.
2Song Title, Track Names and other relevant text info are added in the Media Creator and uploaded with the MP3 files to your Media Manager library. Then links can be shared. You can also edit, delete, launch, track hits and more.
3Anyone who receives a media link needs only the password you've set to play the media with the mixer. That's why this is so easy to use for students and ensemble members - there's nothing to install and it doesn't cost them anything.

Be amazed at how quickly repertoire is learned with ease!